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     The Ridge Sports Academy specializes in providing indoor baseball and softball team practice space, hitting and pitching leagues, and baseball and softball lessons, The Ridge Sports Academy is located in South Ridge Mall. The Academy consists of two separate training facilities in the mall: The Team Center and The Lesson Center.  

The Ridge Sports Academy Team Center (14000 sq. ft. Facility):

The Team Center will be occupied by two teams for 1 hour and thirty minutes. The facility is broken down into two separate areas. Area 1: consists of three hitting cages, pitching lane, and tee stations. Area 2: large turf area (55’ x 85’) completed netted in to accommodate live hitting, infield drills, pitching, speed and agility, tee work, soft toss, bunt defenses, pick off moves, throwing drills, and more. Area 1 will be occupied by one team and area two will be occupied by another team. After 45 minutes the two teams will rotate areas for an additional 45 minutes.

The Ridge Sports Academy Lesson Center (5400 sq. ft. Facility):

The Lesson Center consists of two batting cages, baseball and softball pitching machines, three t-stations, infield area, and two pitching lanes. The Lesson Center will be occupied by one team for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

If you desire, The Ridge Sports Academy will help you design a practice program to get the full use of the facility. 

     Option 1 (full member): 
                                                          One 90 minute team practice per week Aug 2012 – July 2013. 
                                                          Full members may also take advantage of open gym       
                                                                           $2,000 per team (pmt. plan available). 

     Option 2 (full member): 
                                                          Two 90 minute team practices per week (one week day and one weekend) Aug. 2012 – July 2013. 
                                                          Full members may also take advantage of open gym  
                                                                            $3,000 per team (pmt. plan available)

     Option 3 (full member): 
                                                        Two teams split option 2. Each team receives one 90 minute practice per week 
                                                        Aug. 2012 – July  2013
                                                        (one team is allowed to practice per scheduled day, it will not work to have both teams 
                                                        practice at the same time). 
                                                        Open gym included                                                       
                                                                           $1,850 per team (pmt. plan available)  

    Option 4 (part time member): 
                                                                   One 90 minute team practice per weekend January 2013 – March 2013
                                                                   (Saturday or Sunday only, limited spots available).  
                                                                   Open gym is not included.  
                                                          $1500 per team (pmt. plan available)

• Individual memberships may be purchased for $250 per year- limited bases